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The website is under transformation, I am making all the information in english and the information will from now on aim towards self study.

Please be patient as this used to be a website for a yogastudio called Fridfull yoga. 

My life as a single mother of three helps me to be kind of raw in what I share. I dont have the extra time to put on makeup and try to fit in the yoga industri. What I share is what I have learnt from practising yoga since 1999. I do not have a special name for my practise, it is something that has been given to me from yogis and yoginis, from the study of old scriptures wich all deal with the subjects of hatha yoga, patanjalis astanga yoga, kundalini yoga, vipassana, raja, bhakti, karma and jnana yoga and ayurveda and vedic astrology-jyotish and the list goes on. 

We are so blessed with this tool internet where ancient wisdom from many cultures can spread like the wind to all corners of the world.

We live in a time when we are forced to WAKE UP! 


I see myself as a seed for the new age where love and peace and wisdom prevails.

I want to be a garden where hungry souls pick up seeds from the ancient yogatraditions and Goddess cultures and nurture it and make it grow into something magnificent!

Here I want to share with you how to integrate ancient wisdom and techniques in a busy life.

I have a youtube channel where I freely share everyday practises for living a conscious life.

Subscribe to Amrita Yogini Bija on youtube and make use of what I have uploaded there.

I also offer webcourses of selfstudy and weekly coaching with the aim of empowerment and prosperity.

I hope you take some seeds from here and that you with the help of the seeds be free from all suffering!

May all be happy!


Hari Om Tat Sat!

Amrita Yogini


Goddess Bija Webcourse

I am inviting you on a journey to divine sisterhood. This course is for women only.

When sisters come together for the purpose of being aligned with their innermost thruths, miracles happens! I am inviting you to be part of an miracle. If you came upon this website and reading this text, you are a seed of the new age and it is time to do what you came here to do! We need each other to empower each other and open up the flow of prosperity in our lives so that we can thrive when spreading our truths!

I know, this is almost to good to be true! 

I am offering a web course of selfstudy and weekly coaching with the aim of empowerment and prosperity. At the end of the 10 week course you will graduate by holding the course and during that time receive the course fee from 8 participants.

The course will include weekly program of kundalini yoga, the secrets of the ten tantric wisdom goddesses and how to integrate them in a busy life. The mental focus of each and every week will be aligned with the vedic astrology.

How is this possible? write an email to me and tell me why this sounds interesting to you.

So much love <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Yoga med barn- en lärarutbildning

Du får verktyg till att undervisa barn i ålder 3-12 år i yoga och mindfulness. Yogans filosofi och bakgrund, hinduisk mytologi, Tips hur du planerar en klass. Du får ett kompendium som kursmaterial och ett diplom. 

Kursen hålls av Amrita Olive som har flera års erfarenhet av att hålla kurser för barn mellan ålder 3-12 år. Hon har arbetat på kommunala förskolor och skolor och hållit yogaklasser för barn privat. Hon har utbildat yogalärare, skol och förskolepersonal i barnyoga sedan 2010.

Kursen hålls på Urkraft yogastudio i Gnesta, ca en timme med bil och pendeltåg från Stockholm.

Möjlighet till övernattning finns, kontakta oss om alternativ.

Nytt datum kommer inom kort!


I do yoga everyday to keep an open mind and soft heart.

The moment I live life fully universe starts to support me  

My responsibility to myself 

and my children is 

to show up 

and be here now





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